Day: December 19, 2016

Blackboard Specials Check out our current hot specials on smoked salmon, SeaBear apparal, cooking tools and more. Stock up and Save!

Blackboard Seafood Specials Seabear Wild Salmon The Best Discounts And Savings

Wild Keta Smoked Salmon (Lox) from Chef Dominique Starting At: $7.99 Salmon Schmear Starting At: $5.00 Smoked Wild Salmon Uglies Starting At: $9.99 Smoked Wild Salmon Value Portion Sale   Starting At: $45.72 Smoked Salmon 2 oz Portions   Starting At: $6.49 Bulk Pack Wild Smoked Salmon Favorites   Starting At: $76.45

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Seabear Chowder Bisque Soup Salmon Clam Chowder Halibut Seafood Soup Salmon Soup Crab Bisque

Design Your Own   –   Chowder & Soup   –   Blackboard Specials   –   Buyer’s Club     Shellfish   –   Gift Baskets   –   Artisan Foods  & Desserts   –   Salmon Burgers Salmon Meat Chowder and Soup Warm the Body, Soothe the Soul! •    SeaBear Soups require no refrigeration until opened. •    Everything is in the pouch – just add milk or cream […]

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