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Choose the Economy Cordless Light-Filtering Cellular Shades from

For the best value in cellular shades. Cellular shades are popular for insulation, privacy and light-filtering capabilities, and these shades provide the same benefits at a much lower price. Also featuring our most popular cordless upgrade for free, this shade is the perfect choice! When opened, the shade will stack compactly at the top of the window for a clear view outside, and the single and double cell materials will help insulate your windows and save on energy costs. All of these features combine to create a versatile soft shade that completes almost any window, available at a bargain price.



★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars.


Looks great

I had ordered blinds for my new house 10 years ago and have been happy ever since. Recently my in-laws moved into senior housing and had to deals with cords, I quickly ordered them some “no frustration” blinds. The only thing I would change was that somewhere it should have said “This is the front or put this side toward the window.” We finally figured that out as we had installed the 2 of them differently and settled on the color we liked best with the room. Both sides were off-white, and we just chose the one we liked the best. Installing them the way we did made them basically reversible.

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