Menthol Flavored E-liquid Halo’s world-renowned Menthol E-liquid blends

Menthol Flavored E-liquid Halo's world-renowned Menthol E-liquid blends are engineered to provide a unique vaping experience that parallels traditional menthol cigarettes. Each menthol flavor offers superior taste and performance.

Menthol Flavored E-liquid Halo’s world-renowned Menthol E-liquid blends are engineered to provide a unique vaping experience that parallels traditional menthol cigarettes. Each menthol flavor offers superior taste and performance.

SubZero E Liquid It doesn’t get any more menthol than SubZero. With three times the cool mint effect of our other menthol E-liquid flavors, SubZero offers excellent vapor production and an icy, yet satisfying finish. Perfect as an all-day vape, or for mixing into your other favorite E-liquids.

SubZero E-liquid

Extra Strength Menthol
Menthol ICE Eliquid Menthol ICE is always smooth and produces thick, full vapor—it’s one of our most popular flavors for a reason. It’s great for menthol lovers or for vapers just looking to mix in a little minty freshness with our other premium E-liquid flavors. Menthol ICE is bound to satisfy.

Menthol ICE E-liquid

Cool Crisp Menthol
Mystic Eliquid Mystic brings a crisp, clean menthol taste that is neither too subtle nor overpowering. This E-liquid is perfect for vaping on its own or for mixing with other flavors. Mystic is one flavor that will become an instant staple for even the most hardcore vapers.

Mystic E-liquid

Menthol Tobacco Blend
Cool Mist E Liquid CoolMist is perfect for any vaper. Never over-powering, with no tobacco undertones, this E-liquid provides a subtle, sweet menthol experience that is perfect for mixing with other flavors or vaping on its own.

CoolMist E-liquid

Sweet Smooth Menthol
Fusion Eliquid Our flavorless nicotine base, Fusion, is like a dream come true for the DIY crowd. Whether you’re trying add a little bit of extra punch to your E-liquid, or if you’re looking to tone it down, you can’t go wrong with Fusion—a must have for any vaper.

Fusion E-liquid

Unflavored DIY Base
Menthol V We start with a base of ultra-smooth tobacco and blend in peppermint and menthol flavors, then we finish with just a touch of Eucalyptus to create Menthol Ⅴ. It’s a complex E-liquid flavor that offers a strong, refreshing throat hit with a cool, sweet finish—a must-have for any vaper.

Menthol V E-liquid

Crisp Clean Menthol

Do you know why Halo makes all of its E-liquids in the USA? Because doing so provides us greater control over the quality and consistency of our products. It’s that commitment that led us to our state-of-the-art 100,000 square foot facility in Gainesville, FL—because that’s what goes into making premium products. Halo is committed to our customers, we couldn’t allow an ingestible product like E-liquid to be produced outside of our control. So we produce it ourselves. That way we know that every bottle of premium E-liquid we ship out has the same consistent taste and great quality that you’ve come to expect—that you deserve. Higher Standards By producing all of our E-liquid stateside, Halo can source the best ingredients. Other E-cigarette suppliers sometimes rely on foreign manufacturers to produce E-liquid in countries where quality standards fall far below that of the United States. Many times these E-cigarette suppliers will sell their products to customers having no idea what specific ingredients went into their E-liquid. Halo holds itself to a higher standard. By handling our production domestically, we can source premium ingredients like United States Pharmacopeia-grade Nicotine, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. We use only Food and Extracts Manufacturers Association-approved flavorings, which we have audited for Diacetyl and Acetyl Proprionyl by an independent lab. And by owning our own state-of-the-art facility, complete with labs and clean rooms, we can ensure that: Our E-liquid was made in a sterile environment by trained chemists. It was steeped properly and stored at the correct temperatures. It was bottled and labeled accurately, so that you know exactly what you’re getting anytime you pick up a bottle of Halo or eVo. You work hard and expect quality, american-made products—why should what you vape be any different? About us Halo is a leader in the electronic cigarette and E-liquid industry. We proudly design, innovate, and manufacture quality American made products. We follow strict guidelines, policies, and procedures in all of our manufacturing processes. At Halo, we make the safety and satisfaction of our customers our top priority. Halo provides electronic cigarettes, E-cigarette tank systems, starter kits, batteries, cartomizers, and all of their accessories. All of our Premium American Made E-liquid is available in varieties of tobacco, menthol, or gourmet / dessert flavors.

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