Robotslab Box Deluxe Educational Math & Science Teaching-Aid

Teach Math and Science Using Robots Imagine being

taught quadratic equations by a quadcopter. 

Robotic Arm Lesson Teach Math and Science Using Robots Imagine being taught quadratic equations by a quadcopter. Robotic Arm Lesson Imagine being taught quadratic equations by a quadcopter. The RobotsLAB BOX is a revolutionary teaching-aid demonstrating math and science’s core concepts, using robots. The easy-to-use tablet includes interactive lessons, in-class quizzes, and instructional videos, which help students understand why math is relevant to their world. Without any prior experience in robotics or computer science, teachers can demonstrate abstract concepts like slope, sine, cosine, and vectors right out of the RobotsLAB BOX. The lesson plans are strictly aligned with mandated Common Core, TEKS, and STAAR standards for middle and high school. Designed by teachers for teachers this affordable solution improves student’s understanding and information retention; robots are the best engagement tool math and science classes have ever seen! Many STEM projects focus mainly on the STE-, neglecting the Math component. Meanwhile mathematics proficiency in high school students has fallen to 32% — disqualifying many graduates from entry-level jobs. Our team of roboticists, engineers, teachers and professors are dedicated to fixing the education system using 21st century technology, bringing math to life and preparing students for their future, ensuring their career and college readiness. RobotsLAB BOX moves abstract mathematical concepts away from the white board and transforms them into real life demonstrations. Students can see a quadcopter teach quadratic equations, a rover demonstrate angular and linear concepts conversions, and a robotic arm will show you what the word cosine really means.


Why RobotsLAB BOX?

Simplifies Instruction – The easy to use tablet makes it easy to demonstrate abstract concepts in math and science without any experience in robotics. Improves Learning – Robots are engaging, and as visual tools they improve the information retention by more than 400% comparing to traditional practices. Developmentally Appropriate – The curriculum spans from middle school’s Algebra I all the way to Pre-Calculus. Intuitive and User-friendly – Touch-based interface makes it easy to run the lessons and control the robots. The lessons come with instructional videos, quizzes, related standards and more, all at the tip of the finger. Pedagogically Congruent – Created by teachers, for teachers, each of the lessons is 100% aligned with Common Core standards. Effective – Our customers see excitement and engagement never seen before in the most hard-to-teach subjects. Innovative – Math is the “white elephant in the room”, there are no other tool that brings real-world examples to the most abstract concepts. Just swipe your fingers on the yellow slider on the left side of the screen, and the robots will come to life. No prior experience in computer science, robotics or programming is needed. Every lesson was designed to bring abstract concepts to life by providing concrete demonstrations (when the robots are moving around) to the abstract concepts (equations, graphs). Explaining abstract relationships and equations such as quadratic equations, slope, unit circle and even piece wise functions, was never that easy and engaging!

Robotslab Box A Complete Education Experience, All In One Box The Robotslab Box Is An Exciting New Way To Teach Math Concepts Using Robots! The Box Includes Lessons For Algebra I, Algebra Ii, Physics, Geometry, Trig, And Pre-Calculus’ Core Concepts Using Robots. Product Highlights The Easy-To-Use Tablet Includes 50 Hours Of Interactive Lessons, In-Class Quizzes, And Instructional Videos, Helping Students Robotslab-box-content-Understand Why Math Is Relevant To Their World Deluxe Edition Includes 1-Year Subscription To Extra Lessons Think Outside The Box With The Latest In Educational Technology. Take A Creative Approach To Teaching And Learning, As You Leverage The Fundamentals Of Programming And Robotics. Robotslab Box Will Guide You To Success In The Following Areas College- And Career-Readiness Increase Student Engagement Curriculum Includes The Latest Technological Advances In A Fun And Accessible Way Engage The Entire Classroom With 50 Hours Of Demonstrations, Explorations Of Concepts, And Reinforcing Quizzes Greater Motivational Impact On Students Raises The Bar On Learning Common Core Address Common Core Aligned To Common Core Learning Standards For Math Well-Defined Program Can Be Linked Across Grade Levels (Secondary And Higher Ed)


Stem Support Stem Reveals Real-Life Examples Of Subjects Like Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, And Physics Demonstrates Technology And Engineering Applications Of Abstract Science And Math Concepts College- And Career-Readiness Build College- And Career-Readiness Build Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Skills Bridges The Gap Between Abstract Concepts And Real-World Applications


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