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All shades come with a continuous loop clutch – allowing you to easily stop the shade in any position. These high-quality vinyl roll-up shades are available in a variety of colors to coordinate with your room with a white backing.

On inside mount roller shades the fabric will be narrower than the roller measurement. This allows space for the shade to operate properly and is true on all brands of roller shades. On all inside mounted roller shades you will have a light gap on each side of the shade unless there is a window frame, trim, or drapery covering this space.

★★★★★ 5 out of 5 stars By Lsilvestri77

Purchased these for a set of floor to ceiling windows in my business office to block light and sun/heat when not in the office. They work as expected, fit properly and travel up/down very smoothly. Not “decorative” so if you’re looking for something that is “pretty” or “sophisticated”, these wouldn’t really work, they are more practical as what I needed was a replacement for honey comb blinds that kept breaking because the travel distance (over 100 inches) was too far. Don’t look for these too dress up the room, but functionally they do what I need. One drawback is the light gap between the wall and the blind on the other side, it was bigger than I had anticipated due to the gear mechanisms…’s not terrible, but the light gap is bigger than the previous blinds I had installed.

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